Pediatric Cancer Awareness

Why is so little being done for childhood cancer ?

On September 1 2012 our world came to a grinding halt. We were told that our beautiful, ever so happy and healthy looking girl had a massive brain tumor in the worst possible location. Because it was embedded right in the centre of her brain stem (pons) we couldn’t go in and take it out. It could cause more harm or even permanent coma or death and no neurosurgeon in his right mind, would be willing to try to remove it.

Just like that our entire world turned upside down. Before that day, I never gave pediatric cancer a second thought. Yes I knew it happens to children, I knew of leukemia happening to children, I knew of a few successful stories of kids that beat leukemia, but was not aware of any child that had died of cancer. And malignant brain tumors , who knew little happy kids could get it and even die from it. A few years ago, I remember watching an advertisement from St Jude’s on TV showing little kids, bald from chemo treatments or radiation. I could not bear to see them and remember feeling very sorry for these kids and their families. Who knew that a few years later my child would be that child with cancer.
Well did I do anything to help out, raise awareness etc after I saw that AD on TV. No I did not. Maybe because subconsciously I thought that my darling girl who always ate organic fruits , vegetables and played outside in fresh air every single day could never get cancer. If I blocked it from my mind, it certainly wouldn’t happen to my child.

Now I am more than aware that pediatric cancer does not discriminate. It can happen to any child and my child was one among several hundred that it picks on every year. Why cancer picked her and our little family is something I will not delve into here…

So why is it that we know so little about childhood cancer.
Is it because we don’t want to know about little innocent kids getting sick and dying WAY before their time. Or is it because it’s just too sad. So why is so little being done for childhood cancer. Aren’t these children our future. Then why has FDA approved only 1 drug for childhood-cancer in last 20 years ? The answer is awareness in general public. Since there is very little awareness , it automatically translates to minimal funding for research. We hear about the Susan g komen Race for the cure for breast cancer awareness every year, year after year. Have you heard about any campaign being done at such a large scale for childhood cancer ? Isn’t it time that changed?

My Zoey passed away , not because of an accident, or negligence, or abuse etc. She passed away because there were no treatment options available. She passed away because she did not have any ammunition to fight the tumor (or boo-boo as she called it) in her brain.

Cancer picked on my girl and our life will never ever be the same. Our family will be doing everything we can to raise awareness and funding for research, that is so desperately needed. Every chance I get, I will share her story and the research fund created in her memory. Because every dollar we receive is a step in the right direction.
We are very grateful for all the support and donations we have already received from friends, family, and complete strangers. Please continue to help us in our fight and share her story with your friends , family etc whenever you possibly can. This means the world to us.

Here is a picture of her all ready to go to her favorite ballet class in fall of 2011. Had cancer not picked her, she would still be enjoying her ballet lessons ….

Thanks again,