Zoey and Minty

The story of Minty

Minty has been in my thoughts for the last few days. It goes without saying that I think of my beautiful 5-year-old ALL the time. The thoughts and the memories are always there no matter what I am doing that moment. I could be doing something as mundane as chopping vegetables or folding laundry and my thoughts go to how Zoey loved to help me in kitchen. Most of the time her help resulted in more work for me later. I realize now, what a privilege it was to have her in my kitchen insisting on making her favorite quesadillas or insisting on rolling her own rotis. I may be playing with my active 1-year-old baby boy and all of sudden my thoughts go to how Zoey loved being with Anay, even if it was just holding him or changing his dirty diapers. Oh what I’d give to see her back running down the stairs every morning….
Oh well, so yes, for me zoey is always on my mind. And this applies to any bereaved parent. A bereaved mom never forgets. We are thinking of our children all the time. However, these days I have been thinking of Minty a lot. Ok so coming back to Minty.

Minty is a stuffed, pink colored pony soft-toy that never ever left my Zoey’s side. Minty joined our family sometime in 2010. In early 2010 my husband was traveling every week to Kentucky for his work. He’d be gone out-of-town, from Monday to Thursday, every week. Every week he’d return with something new for Zoey to play with. Since Karthik was traveling for work every week, I decided to stay at home, and am so glad I was able to do this. I got a lot of quality time with Zoey during the week. She would still miss Karthik and would look forward to seeing him on Friday mornings. One such Friday morning, Karthik introduced her to this pink 10-inch soft-toy (pony). He told her about the horses in Kentucky and said how this pony insisted on coming with him to meet his princess. So that’s how Minty came into our lives. Zoey did not name her Minty then. She fell in love with the pony instantly. She would sing to it, sleep with it, take it to school and take it everywhere she went. When she was about 4 years old she was reading kindergarten level books. She started reading the “My little pony” series. And she was hooked onto a pastel-green colored, cheerful pony called Minty. I think that’s where the name came from. One night she came up to me and said “I am going to call my pony Minty”. I reminded her that her pony wasn’t green in color but she made it very clear to me that nothing could change her decision. So then on it was all about Zoey and Minty.
Even after she was diagnosed with brain cancer in September 2012, Minty never left her side. A lot of colleagues and friends from Karthik’s work, sent tons of get-well-soon cards, gifts and several cute pink colored soft toys. Zoey thoroughly enjoyed this new found attention and loved opening presents almost every day. But Minty still had a special place in Zoey’s heart. Minty was a true companion to Zoey. When it was time to bid her good bye after her passing, Karthik and I decided that Minty would join Zoey in her journey back to eternity. And so while I miss Zoey and her non stop chatter about everything under the sun, I am comforted to know that she still has her true companion by her side. I know why I have been thinking of Minty so much lately… I am jealous that Minty was able to do something that I couldn’t … i.e join Zoey in her journey to eternity.
Here are a few pictures of Zoey and her Minty.