What do you do with ALL the pink.

Zoey loved the colors pink, purple and red. So when she passed away so suddenly ( though we knew the nature of tumor, but it was still all so sudden), we were left with a wardrobe filled with all her beautiful clothes, tutus, frills and fancies handpicked by me, her dad and in some instances Zoey herself. Yes she had very specific likes and dislikes and this child was picking her clothes every morning from the time she was about 2 years old.

After Zoey’s demise we kept all her toys and books ( about 200 books) for her baby brother, who was just 25 days old at the time. However all her clothes …what does one do with all that pink ? We donated quite of a few of them to charity hoping some girl Zoey’s age would use it and be happy. We kept a few of her special items like her baby onesies , her blankets , her ballet tutus, special occasion clothes , slippers etc…… We just couldn’t part with them. However soon I realized that we had kept them locked in a trunk too long and if we did not do anything about it it would stay in there forever. So we decided to use most of the remaining clothes to make 2 quilts, one for her dada and the other for me. Yes 2 beautiful quilts made by a local quilter here with all her special clothes.
While absolutely nothing will bring back my Zoey, having all her special items in one place , and being able to snuggle in it whenever we want, helps us keep her memories alive.

Quilt for dada

Quilt for dada

Quilt for mama

Quilt for mama

I also love the fact that karthik’s quilt is pinker than mine. Daddy’s girl alright 🙂

Zoey, I hope you loved these quilts as much as your dada and I. Love you to the moon and back baby girl.

Your mama


5 thoughts on “What do you do with ALL the pink.

  1. I could not resist crying silently, Suman you make Zoey come up live again and again. That Great Athma is now with GOD, i am sure.

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