The Doodle

This past weekend we took the kids to visit the Crayola Experience located in Easton, PA. This is one indoor play space for kids where the magic of crayons and color truly comes to life. There are tons of fun activities for kids, to enjoy, learn and explore their creativity. So naturally our boys had a blast. We were about to leave, when I realized we hadn’t taken them to a zone called “Doodle in the dark”. We were getting late but decided to check it out anyway. And I’m so glad we did.

This play zone is dark room that has large doodle boards that make your art glow in the dark. It also has an interactive floor that responds to your motions with a series fun and colorful games. The boys instantly took a liking to this floor and began dancing on it with the other kids. After a while Anay noticed one of the huge doodle boards and began writing on it. This is what he wrote :

My three kids

Seeing Zoey’s name out there I realized this was my first trip to Crayola Experience. We never got a chance to bring Zoey, so naturally I had no memories of my girl here. However Zoey did get to visit as part of her summer school field trip. I remember her coming home with a coloring book and set of special crayons that was given to her as part of the trip. So as I looked at her name on that doodle board I realized my beautiful baby girl was making her presence felt again.
These days ‘Zoey Akka’ has become an essential part of Anay’s vocabulary. He will include her in almost all his stories. Sometimes she is one of the bear children in his narration of Goldilocks and the three bears. Sometimes she becomes Daisy Duck, or she is the naughty villain called Luna Girl from his recent favorite show: The PJ masks. (Well he includes his parents and his brother as well). So to see her name written out there with my boy’s names was enough proof of the fact that she is always around him. It was like she came with us and enjoyed all those activities with her brothers. It also reinforced the fact that I will always be a mom to three beautiful kids. Three and not two. And finally for me, this was also a testament to the fact that love never dies. Zoey’s love just like her eternal soul, will live forever. It will continue to blossom in the hearts of her loved ones.
Thank you Zoey. I feel so blessed to be your mom.
Love you forever.

Zoey at a restaurant eating her favorite buttered pasta


4 thoughts on “The Doodle

  1. Such a sweetheart. She is always in my thought in every bit suman. I am so amazed.
    By your maturity and the way you look st life.
    Such a beautiful mom.

    God bless you guys .

  2. Dear Suman,

    Only IF you are comfortable doing this 🙂 please could you put share post on Anay and Hari and about their personalities a little bit. Through ur blog I know you are keeping Zoey alive, and expressing your feelings- but we would love to know how Zoey’s siblings are doing too if you have energy to tell us 🙂 Seems like they are your sunshine in this darkness…. and a few pictures with them, would love to see.

    • Dear Tiana,
      Thank you Tiana. Yes Zoey’s little brothers are my sunshine each morning. They are the reason I am able to smile each day and for this I will forever be grateful.

      I’m always vary of sharing too many pics of my sons because frankly internet is a scary place … and I don’t want them to have a digital footprint out there before they grow up.
      That being said I’ll definitely include them in some of my posts…. they area big part of my journey without my zoey 😊
      Thank you for asking about them

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